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On Sunday morning, we always allow a time for singing/worshipping and praying.

Our kids service

Sunday | 10:00am 

Age groups


We offer classes for children 3 years of age to Jr. High.

Your children are older? Not a problem, see new hope teenz ministry.

Along with their lessons, each class has a memory verse and a take-home sheet telling the morning's lesson along with the memory verse.

Every week, your child will go home for a fun craft project and/or a game that relates to the lesson. We encourage you, the parents, to play with your child, build the craft together and discuss the memory verse or its application to everyday life in your family.

from Sunday to Sunday

CALLING - salvation and servanthood
COMPANIONSHIP - fellowship with other believers
COMPLETE - spiritual maturity
COURAGE - evangelism
COMMUNITY - serving others
CARING - missions, reaching out across the world

Learning about God should be fun and exciting! Bringing God’s Word to life, that’s just what we do at New Hope Kid's Marina. At New Hope Kid's Marina, we believe that parents are a huge influencer in their children spiritual journey as well, so we work together every step of the way!





Come and hop on board and see what God is doing!

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