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love the children - togo, west africa
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Love The Children is a program that facilitates direct life-changing mission opportunities to

New Hope family members who are unable to participate directly in the Togo, Africa mission field.


Each child in the program has lost their father, mother, or both parents. As is customary,

a relative typically brings the child into their home.

Your financial commitment to these children raises the child’s standing in the household. The families receive your funds which are necessary to provide the additional food, clothing and household supplies an additional child requires.


These children will now enjoy the privilege of attending school. Sponsorship very often prevents these children from living on the streets, being sold as domestic slaves, becoming sex slaves, or living in an orphanage.

water for life Togo, west africa

The Water for Life Project which New Hope Christian Church sponsors provides clean, fresh drinking water to villages in Togo, West Africa.

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Clinics of Hope

Clinics of Hope is a non-governmental, non-profit organization that was founded in 2004 by Dr. Tom Mancini and Debbie Motta R.N.


Since its inception, Clinics of Hope has specialized in establishing high quality, sustainable and cost effective medical clinics in remote West African villages.  The organization trains and hires Togolese nationals to staff its clinics year round. Because of this even the most remote communities can have consistent access to healthcare.


For nearly eleven years Clinics of Hope has worked hard to refine its small-scale village healthcare model and partner with other organizations to provide more comprehensive healthcare.  The organization now has the expert skills, experience and structure in place to meet serious needs in West African villages.

We currently have 5 clinics in Togo, West Africa.  Four of the clinics are in very rural areas with no electricity or government clinics in the area.  Each clinic is located in the middle of many different villages.Patients may come and be treated whether or not they have the money to afford medicine. The organization pays clinic staff, while the clinic facilities are provided and owned by the village.


Clinic of Hope staff, which includes a medical assistant or nurse, and a midwife are available at all times. We maintain local and regional relationships that allow Clinics of Hope to refer the most severe medical cases to regional medical centers.  Our fifth clinic is located in the city of Sokode. Sokode is the third largest city in Togo.  Our clinic has electricity and is well known in the city. 


In the summer of 2015, the x-ray technologist Kathy Moore and  Public Health student, Gisela Guerrero will be installing a digital x-ray machine, which will help diagnosis such things as orthopedic abnormalities, fractures and pneumonias.  We will also have a microscope and laboratory equipment and we are in the process of setting up a full laboratory.


Togolese People Help Themselves:

Clinics of Hope has introduced a new program that integrates research and disease prevention, education, and empowerment of the Togolese people to help themselves. As Clinics of Hope expands, we plan funding programs to train more Togolese to work in the medical clinics, creating more jobs and raising health standards. Administration for Clinics of Hope is based in Lome, and directed by National Administrator Mic Lere Oke. Our organization has an extensive team of U.S. medical specialists available for consultation. Clinics of Hope is a faith-based, non-profit U.S. 501 C-3 Christian organization that follows Jesus’ call to care for all people. The organization does not discriminate on the basis of religion, race, gender or class.

Clinics of Hope strives to meet all people where they are, to provide medical, social, and spiritual care, bringing hope into village settings by working for a better future in Africa.

If you would like more information about the Clinics of Hope or any of the other NHCC supported Missions, feel free to contact Dr. Tom Mancini at

Donations to our missions are always accepted and are always appreciated. Help us to bless others though God's love and His word!

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